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Saturday, 4th Jan 2020

04/01/19: link to audio of both managers post match comments

- - Listen to this Stevie Crawford interview

Dunfermline Athletic manager Stevie Crawford felt that his side created a lot of chances in the first half but was quick to add “you don’t game of football in forty five.

“I think similar to last week, we were the better side and created a lot of chances in the first half. We were a bit unlucky to lose the goal in the manner that we did. The boy (Alan Forrest) had a shot and it has fallen to Craig Moore’s feet and he has stuck it away well to be fair to him.

“In the second half we were sort of devoid of ideas. We had to bring off Ryan Dow because of a virus, he just he had no energy left in him. I think it showed how big a loss Ryan is to us. He has that nous and experience to help us through periods like that in games.

“I am bitterly disappointed to have lost a game at home to Ayr United. It was a decent first half performance but we did not ask them enough questions in the second half.”

Was there are hint of offside at the Ayr goal?

“I did ask the officials at half time. I have looked back on it and the boy is onside. It is more the fact that the boys has had a shot and it was one of them that just falls to his feet. I have no qualms about that decision.”

As did Alloa the week before Ayr sat in after going ahead with two banks of four to keep Dunfermline out.

“It falls back on us to try and learn players how to deal with times like that. It can become difficult and frustrating but Ayr went ahead, likewise Alloa did that last week where they sat back deeper. We have got to find a way of trying to break teams down when it is like that. It is something that we will work away at on the training pitch, that is the only way that you can do it.

“It is not pleasing reading when you see that we are on the back off our defeats in a row now. I have faith that we can turn that round and get more out of players. It is not just great when it is two back to back defeats after we had gone on that run.”

Do you feel that Ethan Ross will be a good addition to the team?

“Yes, I felt that there were spells in the first half where he looked lively. We always knew that he was probably going to fall out of it a little. We thought coming in that he brought some freshness. We wanted to play with two wider players today. He will be a good addition to the squad.

“We will have to try and get him up to speed but he comes with a decent reputation. We have spoken about him for a number of months now and we are lucky to have added him to the squad for the second part of the season.“

What about the Hearts players who are on loan to Dunfermline?

“At the moment I think it looks likely that the Hearts boys are going back. Anthony McDonald missed today because he took a head knock on Thursday and I just thought that it was right to shape up the bench in the manner that I did with not starting Harry Cochrane today. Harry has missed out but we are just waiting on confirmation from Hearts but I think those two will be going back.”

Greg Kiltie has an excellent first half, does that enhance your determination to keep him even more?

“It is far from making excuses. We have lost a game of football and I take the responsibility for that as manager. It was there for everybody to see in the first half, Greg playing more central and then playing up with Nizzy caused them a lot of problems.

“As I said Ryan Dow came off with a virus, Ethan isn’t match fit but we felt that he was going to bring that spark. At times in the first half I thought he did. The dilemma then with where we are at personnel wise.

“Greg went out left and it is not down to Greg, we just didn’t find him enough in those areas but it took a bit of flair from us through the centre. These are problems that you have to overcome and as I say we will just have to see where we are with Greg. We are still unsure whether Kilmarnock are going to call him back or not.”

- - Hear comments of Ayr manager Mark Kerr

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