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Friday, 29th Oct 2021

30/10/21: Link to audio of both managers` post match comments

- - Listen to Peter Grant`s post match comments

After the 4-2 defeat away to Arbroath Peter Grant told the media:-

“Obviously it was a massive disappointment. We had chances to kill the game off in the first half even when it went back to 2-1. Yet again we were in good possession but gave it away. We gave a throw in away and then a silly free kick. Things that we spoke about all week, you lose a goal from somebody not doing their job at a set play.

“They are basics, set plays and throw ins but we kept doing that. The same with the two goals at the death. Don’t let Bobby (Linn) cut inside. Keep him away from goal especially in these conditions and we don’t make the right decisions at important moments.

“Kevin (O’Hara) could have had a hattrick if Toddy had slid him in and the game could be finished by then if you score the third one. There were too many moments like that, we never gave ourselves a chance of a breather with it and then, as I say, we made bad choices.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think the third goal, a crucial ball was a handball. Everybody sees it, the linesman sees it, the ball changed direction and it was a free kick. He had just given one two minutes prior and then they go and score from it. These are the moments that count in a game. I understand the frustration from everybody, I have no qualms with that but hey, you need a little bit of help at times and it was a blatant foul that gets that goal.”

Illuminate us on the frustration of everyone and the scenes outside?

“I think you know that and that’s why you are asking. I expect that of the crowds. No problem, we were 2-0 up. I am not alluding to anything, the players are the most important thing. I thought they kept up their concentration levels and they did a lot of good stuff in the game but you are going to be under pressure here at certain times. We tried to do the right things and create chances.

“In the second half there were too many times where we lost the second ball and maybe tried to be clever in certain areas of the pitch. It is not conducive to that here. You have to roll your sleeves up and fight but you need a break at times.

“I feel for the boys in that respect, we went on the attack and the defender comes trying to get the ball, misses it. It hits his hand, the ball changes direction - it is a stonewall free kick. He doesn’t give it and all of a sudden it is 3-2. These are the moments. The frustration is there for everyone to see.

“I am not trying to be condescending, I understand the frustration of the supporters. If I have a team that is 2-0 up, I expect to win the game.”

Will you be speaking to the Board, Thomas Meggle and Ross McArthur on Sunday?

“I speak to them every day. As I have said to you many many times, they have been a great support to me. It has been tough, Tuesday night proves it. We lost a win with a couple of minutes to go. They know how hard we are working but it doesn’t matter how hard you work, sometimes people say the harder you work the luckier you become. I am not sure that I agree with that saying any longer because we can’t work any harder.

“We are preparing right for matches, saying the right things but you still need a bit of fortune on the pitch and at crucial moments do the job that was asked. Lock on at a throw in against, don’t give easy possession away to give the throw in away in the first place. Don’t give a free kick away, don’t go too deep on the set plays, they do and the ball goes in off the post.

“We saw that on Tuesday night but we prepare for all that. It is not as if we are lazy in our job, we know our job. That is to try and win games of football, we work our socks off trying to do that. The boys graft to try and do that but unfortunately at this moment in time it is just not meant to be. For what reason, I don’t know.”

Morton are the next opponents and they sit ninth two points better off than Dunfermline. Is it a crucial game.

“Every game is crucial. I keep saying that. People get carried away with themselves but I keep saying the same thing week in week out, tell me one place where you like to go and play a game? If you were asking the opposition ‘would you like to go to East End Park’ the answer is going to be no.

“We know that every game is crucial. As a manager you have to win matches, as players you have to win matches, that is what we get paid to do. I understand that you have to win matches, the only thing I am saying is that we cannot graft any harder but also you need a little bit of fortune and make the right decisions.

“I look at every single one of their goals and at each there was an error from our point of view. A free kick, throw in - not done their job well enough. Corner not picking up, referee could have given the decision here and also when the ball breaks, let him inside. The penalty kick I am not sure about, I couldn’t see if it was a penalty or not but people are saying that it was soft.

“I can’t argue about that one but the one right in front of us and the linesman was a stonewall free kick but at this moment in time, every single error that we make, we are getting punished.”

You were without Mark Connolly, was he injured?

“Mark has been ill, we have not seen him since Tuesday. He has been not well, his family has been not well. I gave him up to the last moment but unfortunately he has not been well enough at all. As the week went on he has got worse. That was unfortunate because he is a big character and he has been excellent since he came. Obviously that was a disappointment but I thought that Rhys Breen came in and did very well. He did exceptionally well if you bear in mind it has been for six months since his last ninety minutes.”

- - Hear Dick Campbell`s thoughts

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