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Thursday, 23rd Dec 2021

23/12/21: JH - “We are causing our own problems, we are working very hard to try and rectify that.

John Hughes has been disappointed with penalty decisions against his team in the last two away games but on Saturday it was the weather that lost him the chance to pick up precious league points. He told the website:-

“There has been a bit of frustration since I came to the club with really soft penalties going against us. It was the weather last week but it was the right decision I have to say since we were struggling from the dugout to see the far side. The referee has got that one right and we just have to take the positives from the day.

“We showed a bit of character and we have done since I have come to the club, to come back from the disappointment of the penalty. It gives another week working hard on the training pitch.

“I am really pleased with the work that we are doing on the training pitch and the buy in that I’m getting from the players. It is not always easy. You think that footballers will buy right in to your methods, sometimes you have to twist their arm but it is important that you stay strong as a coach in your beliefs and that they come with you.

“I have to say that the buy in that I’m getting from the players is great and I can see bits and pieces coming out on a Saturday. My frustration is that they seem to do it for twenty minutes here and then give up for ten to fifteen minutes before getting going again. They need to be relentless on the way that we go about our business.

“Saying that I have noticed when we have not got the ball and the other team has got it, we are standing up to it a little bit. What I have noticed and no disrespect to most clubs, we are causing our own problems. We are working very hard to try and rectify that.

“I am fully aware that we are in a business where we have to entertain and I want to entertain our supporters, make them happy and give them a good weekend when their team is doing well and winning football matches.

“Nothing changes in terms of the standards and the demands. We have chopped and changed the team a bit and the reason that we are doing that is because the way they train, the way they conduct themselves and also the way they play in these friendly matches. That is why you saw Craig Wighton and Paul Allan come in, because they have done very very well in these three aspects.”

The manager and coaches are determined to make their players better and collectively, the team better:-

“It is your job as a coach and that is without recruiting. That is what we are doing at this moment in time but you are hoping that one or two can come in and give them a hand.

“If I talk about recruitment, we are at a time in the year where it is a very precarious position in terms of there not being many players going about. One or two will be looking at loans, the window is not open yet and I’m quite sure other clubs will be in for the players and it is a bit of a bun fight at times. All the same clubs will be in for the same players and you are just hoping that you get lucky.

“The best recruitment is to bring in players to your club who can go straight into your starting eleven. It is not a case of bringing in a player who is no better than what you have got.

“I honestly believe in bringing in players who are going to improve your team. That is the harsh facts and reality of football, that is why I keep saying to the players every day, ‘no one is getting my position’. Every day I come in here I am at it and make it very difficult for the manager to replace you. It is an on going cycle that never stops.”

Asked about contracts the gaffer described his task as ‘difficult’:-

“We are looking to tie one or two up but we still need to get out of the myre, we are in limbo and it is frustrating getting the work done. It doesn’t stop you talking to people and lining things up. You are hoping that everything falls into place but I’ve been in football a long time and it never works like that.

“I keep saying to the players that it is simple, everything will take care of itself. We just need to keep our focus and keep training to win football matches.”

John Hughes spoke to Jordan Burt for ParsTV

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