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Hurdles still ahead

Saturday, 6th Jul 2013

Bob Garmory of Pars United told BBC Sportsound that stage two, Buying the Pars is followed by a stage three.

Bob Garmory
Bob Garmory

Pars United's Bob Garmory told BBC Sportsound on Saturday that the last two or three days had been a bit nail biting for him but he was glad to get over the line as the preferred bidder.

"The fans have worked so hard to get us to the point where we could take it out of administration."

Bob was asked if the other bidder had ever been revealed:-

"No and to be honest the Pars United group felt that we had such a strong bid because the mystery bidder had never engaged with the fan base. We just couldn't understand how anyone would want to buy a football club without at least speaking to the fans of that football club and asking if their mission was in accord with the mission of the fans.

"Pars United focussed on what we needed to do and how we wanted to take things forward. We have only got over one of the first hurdles, there is still a long way to go to rehabilitate Dunfermline Athletic and all the fans know that."

Bob paid tribute to the fundraising efforts of the fans and claimed it was not important for big chunks of cash coming from any one source or small amounts of cash coming from lots of individuals.

"Buying the Pars is only stage two of our plan, keep the Pars is stage three and we're just about to hopefully enter that phase, if we get through the CVA and get into next season.

"I was privileged yesterday to go back and meet the players. I welcomed back the guys and the last time I saw them after the 1-0 win over Alloa but lost the play off. We could hear the Alloa players quite rightly celebrating in the next dressing room which was very hard for our young men but I can remember what Jim Jefferies said to them 'you listen to that boys, next year we want somebody in the next dressing room when we are cheering and celebrating. So we are already up for the challenge.

"It is about players going on the park and entertaining the fans. We want to reconnect that at Dunfermline and that is our plan for the years ahead.

"Obviously, we're in the Second Division. That means it's a different financial profile, we've got to recognise that. We do have a couple of games that we expect that there would be a slightly bigger crowd when we get Rangers visiting us and we have the local derby against East Fife. They're a resurgent force with the extra money that's gone into that club.

"We are expecting hard games, there will be no easy games for our team. Next season is about consolidating what we've done, getting through next season, hopefully getting into a play-off situation.

"We can't sign players until January, at least players over 21 years of age. We're coming back from a long way down and it'll take us time to rebuild the club to where we want it to be. We've got expectations for next season but we've got to be realistic."


Gavin Masterton is a significant creditor, Bob was asked if that could be a problem in getting agreement at the creditors' meeting:-

"Gavin is a Dunfermline Athletic supporter - it may be hard for people to accept that. He has put significant cash into the Club.  I don't think he'll stand in the way of us taking the club out of a CVA, at least I hope he won't. I don't think he's the biggest hurdle now.  Gavin is a significant creditor with Dunfermline Athletic Football Club, as indeed are quite a number of the Pars United personnel. They're also significant creditors and they've not only chosen to forego what they've already put into the club but they're prepared to put more money into the Club."

Bob Garmory claimed that Pars United were not interested in the past and his message to Pars fans is to get along to East End Park on Saturday 13th July for the two o'clock kick off in the pre season friendly against Hearts. Large attendances are expected from both clubs who share the same administrator to watch a game for a challenge trophy that has jokingly been referred to as the Administrator's Cup.

"I hope that everybody from the Lothians and Fife take the time out to come along and support two teams that need support at this time and two groups of players who are looking forward to the season while trying to shake off all the background noise that is going on in their lives at the moment. They just want to back playing football."

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