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Hippolyte next to cross the divide

Friday, 13th Jul 2018

“More than anything in a young player’s career you need to have someone that believes in you as your manager. Fortunately the manager has shown that of me and spoken to me about that.

The signing of former Falkirk striker Myles Hippolyte raised a few eyebrows but the player opened his press conference by saying how happy he was to be at Dunfermline. He told the website:-

“I just want to knuckle down and get as many games under my belt as I can. Just enjoy football and push on with my career. Hopefully I can do well here.

“I was still under contract at St Mirren but this club showed positive interest in playing me. The manager believes in me and the ability that I have got. I am taking a chance and hopefully it works out for me.

“More than anything in a young player’s career you need to have someone that believes in you as your manager. Fortunately the manager has shown that of me and spoken to me about that. Hopefully I can do the business on the pitch to repay him. I’d hope to be in the starting line up every week and try and get this club promoted.”

Myles only moved from Falkirk to St Mirren at the end of January but after Jack Ross left and Alan Stubbs replaced him as manager at Myles did not see things looking favourable for his future.

“Discussions were simple about his idea for what he wanted his team to do. I just took the decision to take a step out of it and move forward. Hopefully it is a good career change.”

After spending two years as a Falkirk player did Myles consider that he might have to work hard to win round Pars fans?

“I think you have to work hard at every club that you go to. I agree that I probably have a harder challenge trying to work the fans over here. At the end of the day it is football and it is something that you have no control of. It is what is best for your career and what is best for you at this stage.

“For me it is a learning period, I am still young and I am learning my trade. I am learning everything that goes around in football, meeting different people and managers. As much as the fans here might not want me to say it, I still respect Falkirk. They did give me a platform that I performed on.

“I am hoping to do the same thing here and I am hoping to do the same thing here and hoping to perform and get these fans on my side and backing me in a positive way.

“I look forward to it but at the end of the day pressure is something that you have to deal with. Hopefully it can be used in a positive way for me and my performances.

“I’d like to show them on the pitch that, for whatever else there was outside of it before me coming here, on the pitch I am still going to fight for the team and fight for every player here and work as hard as I can to prove my worth at this club.”

Myles is very aware that he has crossed a divide in joining Dunfermline, he had contemplated it and knows that Falkirk fans could equally ask why he would do that?

“You move on from clubs to different clubs and the club that you are at now becomes your priority. That is exactly how it is with me, I have to do as well as I can for the club regardless if it is playing against a team that I have once played for.

“I am here as a Dunfermline player and I am going to have to prove myself and prove my worth to the fans and hopefully I will do that.”

Myles has played 110 league matches in the Championship for Livingston, Falkirk and St Mirren so he is very familiar what to expect and he claimed that every season you look at the opposition and there are always new teams that make things difficult.

“It is how the league system always works. However every year every team comes with better players and a different understanding of football and a different type of football that they play.

“It is a challenge for every team including ourselves now. It will be a challenge to try and win every game, try and get good results from good performances.

“Everyone is looking forward to it and it will be a good league this season. There will be a lot of travelling with the teams that are in the league.”

The 23 year old striker claimed that he would like to add goals and assists. He continued:-

“I need to prove to the manager that I can be in the starting line up week in week out. If I can have a successful season under my belt I think it will be really good for me on a personal level when I look in hindsight going forward.

“Just to get myself into the team will be the start for me and working hard from there. I am sure that things will come along the way with regards to goals, wins and stuff like that as long as I try to my best.”

The player started pre season training with St Mirren at roughly the same time as Dunfermline did and he feels that he is up to speed on fitness:-

“I feel as fit as I can be. The management and staff will look at where I am at, I will do a couple of training sessions and they will look at me after that to see if I need more game time and so on. Generally I feel fit and I feel ready to go.”

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