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Assistant Manager post Airdrieonians

Saturday, 27th Aug 2022

27/08/22: link to audio of Dave Mackay’s post match comments

- - Listen to this Dave Mackay interview

It was Assistant Manager Dave Mackay who talked to the media post match and he felt that Airdrieonians had produced the tough game that they had expected:-

“Airdrie are a good side. As you saw last year, the run that they went on pre-Christmas to get themselves into second place challenging Cove. We knew it was going to be a difficult game against a team that`s played together for a while now. They caused us some problems at times but we still felt we created enough chances to win the game ourselves.

"The bit at the end is a mistake from the referee and it`s cost us two points. But we had plenty of chances before that to take advantage and win it outright ourselves. The goalkeeper comes and misjudges it. We`ve got an unbelievable angle there from the GoPro in the goals. If that`s a foul then you`re as well stopping football.

“I think the ref said himself after it that he had to make a decision. I don`t know why he felt he had to make a decision but he did. It`s one that was wrong but we move on. He blew very early - I don`t know, sometimes when the goalie misses the ball they automatically think it must have been a foul. He`s got it wrong, which happens in football.

"The nearest one to him was Lewis McCann, he doesn`t jump into him, he doesn`t do anything really. The referee has definitely called it wrong. It`s going to happen over the season. Our players make bad decisions, as coaches we make bad decisions and it`s part of football. But it`s a sore one because it`s happened right at the end of the game and we could have got the three points.

It was some start to the game?

"Yes, the first six, seven minutes we probably could have been 2-, 3-0 up. We started really well with moving the ball into wide areas getting crosses into the box. Again, we`ve got to be taking advantage of them, it seems to be something we`re doing a lot. Each game we`re creating loads of chances and we`re getting shots on target - which is positive because the guys are getting themselves into these areas, but hopefully as the weeks go on the players start to get a bit more confident and we can start actually turning those chances into goals. If you do that you make games a lot more comfortable."

Airdrie goal?

"The cross comes in a little bit easy, we don`t really deal with hit at the back. But sometimes you hold your hand up, it`s an unbelievable strike from the boy (Adam Frizzell), who I thought was excellent on the day.

“We`ve only conceded one goal in the league. We don`t like conceding goals but our reaction after we conceded - as I said, we`ve not been in that position yet - after last season and the sort of run that the club has been on, you worry about the reaction when but I thought it was excellent and I thought we finished the game stronger after that.

“Todorov has had a chance, plenty balls in the box, obviously the disallowed goal as well. Pleased with the reaction, disappointed with the manner of the goal that went in."

Josh Edwards throws are becoming a dangerous weapon?

"If you`ve got a throw like that it would be silly not to use it. It`s something that we`ve been working on. Especially when you`ve got the likes of Todorov, Lewis McCann when he comes on and the centre-backs as well. You`ve got that physicality to go and challenge for it. We get one goal out of it, should have had two. So we`ll keep working at that."

No Craig Wighton today, is he okay?

"He is just struggling a little bit with his knee. It`s nothing serious it`s just something just he has to take a couple of weeks rest and he`ll be fine. To be fair, he`s been playing through a lot of pain throughout a lot of the season and it`s maybe hampered his performances. With the size of the squad, we know he`s been struggling and we`ve asked him to go out and perform. It`s now got to the stage where he needs to just let it settle for a couple of week, but he`ll be back fine, it is nothing long term.”

Kevin O`Hara went off early in the second half, how is he?

"It was just a knock. He slid into a challenge up there and I think it was just a bang on his knee. So a little bit of fluid on the knee bit it`s not something that we think is going to keep him out for any length of time."

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