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Wilson happy to stay at Dunfermline

Friday, 16th Feb 2007

"I have signed the contract now so whatever happens I am going

Scott Wilson

With the ink still drying on his new contract, Scott Wilson spoke to the media at Pitreavie about the two year extension:-

"I have had five happy years at Dunfermline and they offered me a new contract. A lot of people away from football said 'you are going into the First Division'. I don't see it like that.

Scott explained that he has no conditions in his contract that would be dependent on what league he is playing his football in:-

"There is nothing written down but it is the same for any player, if you are not enjoying it at the club the Board of Directors is happy to listen to you. The Manager doesn't want any player on his books who doesn't want to be here. That way you do not need anything written into your contract, but it would be easy for me to sign a new contract now and then if we do go down to the First Division, four months down the line turn around and say 'I am not enjoying this, I am a better player than this'. I have signed the contract now so whatever happens I am going to stick by it.

"I could have stayed here for the amount of time that was offered. I have asked a few people in the game for advice on it, to be honest it was probably a 50/50 split but the decision was mine at the end of the day and I think I made the right decision. Time will tell but at the minute I am 100% happy to sign the contract."

Did Greg Shields' decision to extend his contract influence Scott?

"Nothing I could pinpoint. We discussed it in the changing room but I can't say what he said made me agree or what I said made him agree. We both made our individual choices and to be honest it couldn't get like Thompson - Brown scenario at Hibs, the Wilson - Shields scenario at Dunfermline it wasn't like that."

Scott Wilson is very sure of what he wants to achieve in his next two years with Dunfermline Athletic:-

"First and foremost help the team stay in the SPL, there is still a chance that we can stay in the league. Obviously we are automatic choice next year, if we get relegated to come right back up the league. Your two years are mapped out if we do not stay in the SPL. We are running out of games fast, we have to start winning and Saturday is the perfect example for us - we must start taking the points at home especially.

"Games are running out. Everyone is talking about our two games against St Mirren - about clawing things back, it is not that easy. They have still got a game in hand as well and if they were to win that against Motherwell which they are well capable of winning, we could find ourselves even more in trouble at the bottom. It is important that we start winning now.

"The timing was not about a boost for anybody, basically it was right for me and right for Dunfermline. We had discussions a wee while ago now but it was just bits and bobs. Since the new Manager came in it has speeded up."

The arrival of Stephen Kenny has influenced Wilson's decision to stay:-

"It has to,  otherwise I wouldn't have signed it. I could have taken the easy option and left at the end of the season if I didn't think things were not going right, if I didn't believe that the management team in place could turn things around.

"I could easily have waited and gone to another club but I am happy with football here. I think I am doing alright this season and off the park I am really happy. I am back in Edinburgh now and my missus and kids are happy. We are going to have another kid in the summer and if you are happy off the park then seems like that.

"I am happy where I am. It is too early to talk about going into the First Division, we have still have time to stay up. I thought about if we go down, you have to take it on the chin and get them right back up again. There are better players than me who have played in the First Division so why not?"

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