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Tuesday, 23rd Apr 2013

The fund raising strategy to save, buy and then keep the Pars

Pars United formed to create an inclusive group for all Pars Supporters, existing solely to secure Dunfermline Athletic Football Club (DAFC), in its current form, and work towards a more sustainable future. It is important that all Pars fans are united behind clear leadership and a new vision to rebuild our club.

Everyone who contributes to the current and future well-being of DAFC is effectively part of Pars United: from the boardroom to the players, staff and fans; every individual, group, supporters club, benefactor, sponsor and investor. We all come together and work together under the Pars United banner.

The ultimate goal of Pars United is to purchase DAFC from administration, assuming a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) can be reached. It is clear that this needs to take place before the end of July, to avoid further penalties or sanctions from the football authorities.

Over the last couple of weeks, Pars United has been focused on creating a new business model for DAFC, by encompassing greater community ownership and fan governance and representation for the Club. A road map to achieving this is near completion, which represents ALL Pars supporters, and will be consulted upon with all of the supporters groups.

However, in the meantime it is important to provide all Pars supporters, with absolute clarity and transparency in terms of the fund raising strategy that is in place.

As stated the day Pars United formed, the very future of our football club is at stake, so the short term strategy was to firstly ensure the survival of DAFC. The Club's administrator, BDO, stated that DAFC had "run dry", so a number of parties within Pars United agreed to contribute £100,000 to fund the cost of administration, which in itself, will provide the club with a chance of survival until the end of the season.  In addition, a further sum was provided to DAFC's subsidiary Black & White to allow the youth structure to continue to the end of this season.


At this moment in time, three highly experienced financial professionals within Pars United are working closely with the Club's administrator to determine the additional "working capital" that DAFC requires, so it can trade until the end of July.

Currently, all of the immediate fund-raising activities such as bucket collections and attracting more fans to East End Park for the remaining home games are coordinated under "Save The Pars". All cash donations at this time are going directly to DAFC and its employees until such time as the cash requirements to ensure survival until end of July has not only been confirmed, but then reached.

Once that figure has been raised, Pars United will then wholly focus its fund raising activities towards the next phase of their strategy which is to "Buy The Pars" from the administrator at the end of July, which we need all Pars fans across the globe to get behind.

In terms of communication, Pars United will continue to engage with supporters via social media such as facebook www.facebook.com/parsunited and twitter @ParsUnited. In addition, messages will be posted on the fans forums where relevant, and during the "Save The Pars" phase the Club's official website www.dafc.co.uk will be used by Pars United, as agreed by the Club's administrator, in order to communicate any messages to supporters, as the money raised will be going directly to the Club to ensure its survival to end of July.


As stated above, following "Save The Pars" the next phase of the Pars United strategy will be to "Buy The Pars" from the administrator at the end of July.

It is important for supporters to be aware that from that point on, no more fund raising will be undertaken by Pars United for the benefit of DAFC, all funds generated will be for the purpose to "Buy The Pars". The anticipated target that the world wide Pars Family requires to raise before the end of July is in the region of £500,000. All capital raised will be held in secure trust accounts, to allow the money to be repaid if a CVA is not successful.

Fuller details will be released shortly, but taking into account the timescales the Pars United Strategy Group has set a target of £400,000 for Pars Patrons and £100,000 for Pars Supporters.

A new "Buy The Pars" website is nearly complete, which will be operated by The Pars Supporters Trust, taking into account their "trust" status under FCA Rules. This will also provide full information on the fan ownership structure and include secure payment facilities to allow supporters to make their donations.

During this phase Pars United will continue to engage with supporters via social media such as facebook www.facebook.com/parsunited and twitter @ParsUnited and messages will be posted on the fans forums where relevant.


Assuming the wider Pars family, which is Pars United, are successful in buying the Pars, the strategy will then move into its next phase which is "Keep The Pars".

It will be necessary for ongoing fund raising activities to be organised to continue to assist the club moving forward, and Pars United will be an inclusive and significant Pars fans brand, which individual or groups of supporters, and supporters organisations can utilise.


The Club's administrator is aware that the strategy of Pars United involves East End Park being reunited with the football club. Pars United understands from speaking to a good number of supporters that they would like absolute clarity on this matter, as soon as possible. However this is a highly complicated and delicate matter at present, and the issues of ownership and rental will take time to resolve but it is important to reassure supporters that work is currently being carried out to ensure a positive outcome for Dunfermline Athletic Football Club.

Together, we can rebuild the reputation of the Pars and regain a position of prominence in Scottish football. Pars United would like to thank the many Pars fans and the local community who have already offered their support and good wishes in these difficult days. It is very much appreciated.


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