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Saturday, 17th Jul 2021

17/07/21: link to audio of both managers post match comments

- - Listen to this Peter Grant interview

The Dunfermline manager Peter Grant was delighted to watch his side win 5-1 at East End Park in his opening match in charge there. He told the website:-

“I thought their attitude was fantastic, I know it’s hard for Dumbarton and obviously they’re in a difficult situation at this moment in time through Covid. But I thought our boys showed great professionalism and started the game really really well.

“I felt the two wingbacks were excellent with their deliveries into the box. That is the kind of things we have been working on to get a good quality into the box when we get there, whatever system we play. I feel as if you get the ball in the box you will score goals because you will get chances. With the strikers we have we owe it to them to feed them. I was really pleased with that.

“Their general play was excellent at times, the big disappointment was the way we lost the goal from our throw. That is something that we have spoken about prior and probably that is the thing that is sticking in my throat most at this moment in time after what I thought was a fantastic performance.”

The fans enjoyed being back and Peter claimed that was “the biggest result” of the day:-

“More than anything, to have the supporters back in, even just hearing their noise. I know the enthusiasm that brings to players when you hear the crowd. We are here to try and entertain the supporters. I have been here when this place has been full and know how difficult a place it can be.

“To do that we have to try and entertain them. That’s our job to entertain and win games of football. Play with a bravado and a confidence. If you make errors, go and win the ball back, that is football.

“I am delighted that the supporters were in today, hopefully they will go back and tell everybody else that it was good to watch so that they bring more along. As I have said, we owe it to them. It has been a tough year or eighteen months for everybody so when they come through the door you are hoping that you are going to entertain them and I’m hoping that they go home happy today.

“Every time that we turn up we are turning up to win a game. We don’t want to be on the back foot, we want to be positive with everything we do and that’s why the throw in for the goal was so annoying because we threw the ball back the way. It is just wee simple things like that you get annoyance from.

“They have done so well but these things stick in your throat because you are here to entertain your supporters, you want to score with every chance. We are disappointed that we didn’t get a few more goals but to be fair to Dumbarton, they dug in, they kept going and they tried to play in difficult circumstances for them.

“I thought our positional play was good, I thought their quality at times was very good but we know that there is a lot to do. We are still trying to get bodies in but that has been held up a little bit because of situations. Hopefully we can add to it as well so we get that quality and then the most competitive part is on the training ground.

“We are delighted the fans are back, delighted they have seen what we can do today. We know that we have a long way to go but we are trying to win the league and to do that we perform right and not give up goals they way we did today. That doesn’t win you leagues because if you are playing in tight games and end up losing a silly goal like that after dominating that can change everything. We have to eradicate that but there was attitude and commitment, a lot of quality but a bit disappointed with certain things.”

Kyle Macdonald was a stand out, how happy are you with his contribution?

“I am just delighted with the two of them (wingbacks). They do it ever so well but it not just here, it is the way he trains. That is what excites me more than anything else. Every day his numbers are well up because he wants to improve, wants to get better and has an unbelievable commitment to his game when he is training.

“He is reaping rewards from it The things we are talking about and trying to implement in training, he is getting better at. He will have his moments but he has thoroughly deserved the opportunity and he has grabbed it with both hands.

“It is up to him but performances like today and his quality not just going forward because the biggest thing that you have to remember is that you are a defender first. I say that to all the defenders, it is nice being able to pass the ball but remember what your job is. I thought he did both sides of his game remarkably well today and I’m delighted for him because he is a fantastic kid with an unbelievable attitude.”

Having been pointed out that there is frustration being shown by supporters who are expecting new signings, Peter’s response was:-

“It is not down to us. We thought that everything was over the line the other day and it is nothing to do with the boys we are trying to get in. Certain circumstances have arisen that we can’t help or the boys can’t help. There is no hold up monetary wise but just circumstances with Covid (protocols).

“Situations arise that are unforeseen. We understand of course that is frustrating but it gives an opportunity for the boys here to let me see more of them. We tried a couple of different thing today again and as I said to the players, you are football players. You are not a centre half, left back or right winger, you are a football player play the game.

“So far it has gone well but we know that we will have our tough days but we will try and eradicate them early. Get rid of the silly mistakes before we come up against big challenges right throughout the season and we have to be ready for that. That is where you see the braveness. They have to be brave and trust each other. Today I thought right from Deniz with his distribution which was excellent.

“We need to improve and try and get better. I was really really pleased with a lot it today just maybe a wee bit annoyed because my stubbornness in old age. I don’t like losing goals, I want to try and keep clean sheets and that is why the goal is so disappointing.”

One name that has been mentioned a lot is Kai Kennedy. Is he someone that you are interested in?

“He is a good player!”

- - Hear comments of Dumbarton’s Stevie Farrell

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